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Программы для исследования клиентов

Verint Products Enhance Your Customer Engagement Strategy

Ничто не даст вам более точную оценку вашей работы, чем мнение клиентов, однако огромное количество разговоров, записанных в контакт-центрах, может с легкостью превысить вашу способность прослушать и проанализировать эти разговоры. With Verint Speech Analytics, you can glean valuable intelligence from thousands—even millions—of customer calls quickly, so you can take action quickly.

What do customers think about your products and services? What are they saying on Facebook and Twitter, in blogs and surveys, and in customer email and chat sessions? With Verint Text Analytics, you can collect, analyze, and act on customer feedback from a variety of text-based communication channels, enabling you to discover what customers think, surface issues and opportunities, and take action quickly.

Verint Enterprise Feedback Management (EFM) helps organizations centralizing and automating critical voice of the customer activities, enabling a programmatic approach to assessing customer experiences across channels of interaction. With our EFM Mobile solutions, you can gain immediate customer feedback anytime, anywhere. And with our Post-Call IVR Surveys your contact center can solicit valuable input from customers via short, context-sensitive, dynamic surveys delivered over the IVR.

Customers are using more channels than ever to interact with your business, but what kind of experience are you providing them? Verint Engagement Analytics can help you answer this question by enabling you to capture, analyze, and correlate customer behaviors, interactions, and journeys across all channels, providing you with a single view of the customer experience.